RC-4 Temperature Data Logger


RC-4 Temperature Data Logger

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Elitech RC – 4 temperature data logger features a multifunction LCD alarm indicator, replaceable battery with a buzzer alarm. A reason why it satisfies the dynamic and growing demand for cost effective temperature & humidity data logger in cold chain supply.

With Elitech PDF temperature & humidity data logger, you don’t require additional software to access information. Users can export data in PDF or Excel via Elitech data management software.

All PDF temperature & humidity data loggers have a three way mounting mechanisms. You can use magnet, screws or adhesives. Alternatively, you may opt for an optional mounting bracket.

For convenience, Elitech designs these temperature & humidity data loggers with both internal and optional exterior temperature sensor. They are highly sensitive and can detect slight changes in temperature. This makes Elitech PDF temperature& humidity data loggers a better alternative for: pharmaceuticals, food, medical cabinets, laboratories, cold storage or breeding industry.

Technical Data



Temperature Sensor

Measuring range

-30 to 60 °C (Internal)
-40 to 85 °C (External)


± 0.5 °C (-20 to 40 °C);
± 1.0 °C (Others)


0.1 °C


Instrument Information

Recording Options


Report Generation

Words, Excel & PDF

   Software   ElitechLog Win or Mac (Free Latest Version)


16,000 readings

Connection Interface

Mini USB

Record Interval

15 mins (standard)

   Alarm Configuration Optional, up to 2 points

Size (LxWxH)

84 x 44 x 20


35 g


CR2032 Button Cell

  Shelf Life   1 Year
  Certifications FDA EN12830, CE, RoHS

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