Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

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The Only 'Chemical Free-No Power-No Magnet' 

Pipeline Corrosion-Scale-Algae/Bacteria inhibition Patent Technology.

Once installed, this Inhibitor will operate “maintenance free” over 8 years.

1. Reduce Water Usage -> Save Cost & Gain GBI or LEED water saving points.

2. Reduce 'Blowdown' and water safe to discharge. Eliminate water treatment cost.
3. Eliminate Chemical use -> No Chemical Storage -> No Chemical Hazard & Save Cost
4. Eliminate Biosides to conrol harmful Bacterial & Algae -> No Chemical Hazard & Save Cost
5. Eliminate yearly Pipeline cleaning service -> Save Cost
6. Eliminate human error over or short dosing of inhibition Chemical -> Save Cost
7. Increase heat exchanger's heat transfer efficiency -> Up to 30% Energy saving
8. Gain Increase at least 50% Circulation water system equipments & pipeline operating lifetime -> Save Cost.  

9. Gain Maintenance Free >8 years --> Save Labour Cost
10. Gain Social benefits, due Protect environment with Zero Pollutant Discharge.

Apply To Industries:
Metallurgical smelting, coal chemical industry, thermal power plant, cement production, urban heating, manufacturing pharmaceutical production, Glove manufacture, Oil and Gas industries, Centralized air conditioning……

Solution To Protect:
HVAC system    
Condensation cooling system
Circulating water heat transfer system
Ground source heat pump system
Circulating water cold oil system
Air compressor cooling system

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