ET-72 Digital Min Max Thermometer

ET-72 Digital Min Max Thermometer

ET-72 Digital Min Max Thermometer

RM200.00 - RM250.00

Category: Fridge Thermometer

Brand: Excel Test

Quantity: 100


Quantity :


Model: ET-72

Type: Digital Min Max Thermometer

Measurement Range: -10°C to +50°C (In) / -50°C to +70°C (Out)

Accuracy: +/- 1.0°C

Simple and easy-to-use minimum and maximum digital thermometer to record the highest temperature and lowest temperature throughout the entire record.

The reason why we are recommending using the digital thermometer with minimum and maximum temperature function is to allow us to have a better understanding of the cold air circulation performance within the temperature-controlled area.

We can utilize the min and max functions to maintain the temperature-controlled storage area with high standards to keep the product especially Time Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Product (Ttspp) in good conditions. This could maintain the company's high standard and value the consumer when received the goods without worry. For example, vaccines & medicine-related goods shall store in a well-maintained fridge or freezer with thermometer monitoring 24/7 continuously.

Besides, a good digital thermometer should have an alarm alert function when the temperature exceeds the desired temperature range. It is important to have an alarm alert to alert the person to respond and take immediate action to check any unexpected activities that are occurring and how to respond accordingly to make sure the goods are store in a safe environment.


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