About Excel Test

At Excel Test, our purpose is to inspire a caring happiness world through our meaningful work. We aim to become an industry leader in cold-chain, validation & calibration service provider in health & pharmaceutical related industries.

As a solution provider company, we innovate for business with one consistent belief; there’s always a peace of mind solution to allow business focus on their best profession
Introduce to you the cold-chain innovation
Datalogger-as-a-Service (DaaS)
We are proud to announce we are the 1st in the market to provide this service to support
our local industry to focus their business & profession with peace of mind solution
36 months
Enjoy free to use data logger
3 times
Accredited calibration service
Cost & time saving
1-on-1 faulty unit replacement
No hidden fees, no extra charges, we will replace for you with T&C*
After sales service
Business Division
Excel Test business division supports major fields of pharmaceutical & health-care related. Excel Test provides general and specialized instruments from the top global brands, as well as compliance and regulator with local and global standards.

• Datalogger-as-a-Service (DaaS)
• Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
• Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System
• Temperature & Humidity Sensor
• Temperature & Humidity Thermometer
• Temperature & Time Label Sticker
• Vaccine Insulation Delivery Box
Eco Clean

• Food Technology
• NaOCL Disinfectant Generator
• NaOCL Disinfectant Water
• Ozone Sterilizer
• UVC Light Sterilizer
• Scale Remover Inhibitor
Calibration Lab

• Humidity Calibration Service
• Indoor Air Quality Calibration Service
• Solar Calibration Service
• Temperature Calibration Service
Environment Monitor

• Cigarette Smoke Detector
• Indoor Air Quality Monitor
• Industrial Gas Detector
• Industrial Lux Meter
• Infrared Thermometer
• Solar Survey Meter
• Sound Level Meter
• Thermal Imager Camera
• Ultrasonic Anemometer
• Weather Station Monitor
• WBGT Meter