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Non-Chemical Water Treatment Solution for Industrial Cooling Systems - ALT LT3F Alloy Electro-chemical Scales Inhibitor

Dear valued readers,

Industrial cooling systems play a critical role in maintaining the efficiency and lifespan of equipment. However, cooling water treatment has traditionally relied on chemical agents, which can be harmful to the environment and costly to maintain. Fortunately, a new non-chemical water treatment solution is now available in the form of ALT LT3F Alloy Electro-chemical Cooling Water Treatment.

Product Features:
ALT LT3F provides numerous benefits to industrial cooling systems, including:

• Preventing the formation of water scale and wax in pipes and RO filter membranes
• Softening and ablation of existing carbon deposition, wax, scale, and rust
• Preventing and mitigating corrosion of the heat exchanger water circulation system
• Reducing the deposition of solid particles into the pipe network
• Inhibiting bacteria and algae growth and preventing new bacteria and algae propagation
• Prolonging compressor oil quality and increasing compressor oil usable time

ALT LT3F has several advantages over traditional chemical water treatments, including:

• No magnetic, electricity, or chemical agent needed
• No temperature, pressure, or magnetic field restrictions
• Safe operation and environmentally friendly
• Suitable for installation in hard-to-reach areas such as high places, underground, or outdoors
• Simple flange interface for easy installation, maintenance-free, and consistent performance
• Shortened equipment and facilities maintenance downtime

The benefits of using ALT LT3F in industrial cooling systems include:

• Halting new scales and fouls from forming and gradually dissolving and ablation of old scale and fouling
• Significantly reducing rush and corrosion, thereby reducing safety risks
• Gradually decreasing energy consumption until a steady state
• Significantly improving equipment cooling and heat dissipation efficiency
• Extending the cycle of concentrate (CoC) from 3 to 10 times, saving water by more than 45%
• Meeting international environmental protection standards for recycled water discharge

ALT LT3F is ideal for a wide range of industrial cooling systems, including:

• Industrial heat exchanger and condenser, reboiler, and RO filtration system
• HVAC cooling water treatment, heat exchanger cleaning, and district chiller water treatment
• Oilfield oil piping and downhole equipment wax and scale inhibition
• Air compressor heat exchanger, lubrication oil, and oxygen generator anti-scale, oxidation, and carbon deposition

Working Principle:
The LT3F multi-hole alloy core disc acts as a special type of catalyst, modifying the electrolyte and ion activation, thereby changing the physical and chemical conditions of the bonding between various substances and ions in the fluid. Proven to effectively inhibit the formation of wax, scale, algae, fouling, and corrosion, as well as gradually dissolve and remove old hard scale and fouling that has crystallized and deposited on the pipe wall.

In conclusion, using non-chemical water treatment solutions like ALT LT3F in industrial cooling systems is the way forward for more efficient and environmentally friendly operation. For more information and to order your ALT LT3F Alloy Electro-chemical Cooling Water Treatment, please contact us today.

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