KitchenTop HOCL Sterilizing Water Generator

YT-25-S5H is a 5 Liter/min Electrolyzed HOCl generator
Suitable for daily in-situ generation of sterilising water for daily use
Restaurants, Home & office use, Pet shop, Laboratory, Kindergarten, Nursing home, Clinic, School, gyms, Yoga center, ,,etc

Powerful sterilization and disinfection
Low acid electrolyzed water has a strong sterilizing power to pathogenic bacteria.
Low acid electrolyzed water can be used as sterilizing water.

the sterilizing mechanism of acid electrolyzed water
Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is the key sterilizing component of acidic ionic water.
HOCI is produced by an enzyme called myeloperoxidase using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in our body as a substrate reacted by Neutrophils that accounts
for 60~70% 0f white blood cells in our body and a really useful immune system that starts to work first against harmful bacteria when they invade our
body. HOCI continuously produced in our body by Neutrophils has a strong sterilizing power to destroy bacteria and serves as a reliable defense system to
fight against bacteria invaded into our body without causing any negative impact on our life activities since its surplus has properties to be combined with
organic materials in the body and immediately neutralized and reduced to water.
Ionic sterilizing solution generator is a sterilizing solution device generating Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) in a scientific way, which is originally produced in our body by Neutrophils of a sterilizing system of our body

26 Jun 2022