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TIMESTRIP 7DAYS TS312  Time Indicator Disposable Indicator

Timestrip® 7 Day

-for Pharma Ward Use, Healthcare product changes, Medical Devices

-19mm x 40mm

-7 Day run-out window

-activation blister on top

-for room temperature use only

*The Timestrip® 7 day indicator is a convenient reminder to replace a part, monitor an expiry date, maintain a device or carry out a task. Timestrip® 7 days can be stored inert at room temperature until it is needed and activated. It is self-adhesive and splash proof, and expires 3 years after the manufacturing date shown on the bag. It is designed to be used in a room temperature environment (average 22°C). It is not suitable for outside use.

*Fully squeeze the activation button between thumb and finger so all the liquid is released. A red line will appear within 1-2 minutes to show that the Timestrip® has been activated. Peel of the backing liner and stick the Timestrip®to the product, material or device to be monitored. Once activated, the red dye will indicate elapsed time by moving through the white window and past each time marker. The progress of the red dye is irreversible and each Timestrip® can only be used once. Monitor 1, 3 or 7 days with each label. In the unlikely event that Timestrip® shows red before you activate it, there is no need to contact customer service. Simply discard and take a new one. 1 or 2 products per 100 count are always provided free of charge. for more information

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