Excel Test Sdn Bhd
Unit C717, 7th Floor,
Block C, Kelana Square,
17, Jalan SS 7/26,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+603-7804 6186
+603-7804 4186


RC-5 USB Datalogger

Temperature Logger Label

Cold-Chain Box

RC-4HC USB Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Sound and Noise Insulation Testing

Room and Warehouse Temperature - R. Humidity Mapping Service


Indoor/Outdoor WBGT meter

WBGT Meter

Solar Path Finder

Weather Monitoring

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

LT3F Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Centralized Air Condition Chill Water Pipeline Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

t3511remote thermometer hygrometer with Ethernet

Web sensor T6540 - remote CO2 concentration thermometer hygrometer with Ethernet interface

Web sensor T5540 - remote CO2 concentration with Ethernet interface

Web sensor T4511 - remote thermometer with Ethernet interface

Temperature Logger


PA-S500 digital I/O module

Small & Fast USB Data Logger

3 in 1 Anemometer Air Flow, Temperature & Humidity meter

BT-3 Digital Min/Max Thermometer

Lux Meter

Testo 512 - Differential pressure meter for 0бн20 hPa

Solar PV Measurement System

Semiconductor and Clean Room Supplies

Laser and Fibre Optics

Laboratory and Medical Supplies

DataNet Receiver - Repeater

DataNet Wireless Temperature Logger

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