Temperature & Humidity Data Logger


Excel Test is one of the leading company who provides Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solutions in Malaysia for more than 16 years. As your solution consultant, we have such reliability & confidence to support & educate clients who required for GDP, GMP, GLP, ISO, FDA & HACCP.

We are aim to provide One-Stop Services from A to Z to support, educate & resolve our client's PAIN POINTS

We implement WHO Guidlines as the validation & qualification standard to perform & meet the regulatory requirements. We support our clients to perform Installation Qualification (IQ)Operational Qualification (OQ)Performance Qualification (PQ).

Why We Have To Buy If We Can Rent? We offer DaaS (Deliver as a Service) 3 Years Contract with Cost Effective and Peace Of Mind for our clients. 3 Years Subscription Service including Annual Calibration, Battery Replacement, 1 ON 1 Faulty Unit Exchange & 24/7 Technical Support with only ONE TIME PAYMENT. 

We are The Only Private Accredited Lab with Chilled Mirror Hygrometer to provide a high precision reliability relative humidity reference complianted with MS ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Our reference standards are verified by the National Metrology Laboratories with Traceability & Reliability.

RC-4 / RC-4HC USB Temperature & R. Humidity Data Logger

RC-5 USB Temperature Data logger

ET-BT04 Bluetooth Temperature & R. Humidity Data Logger

ET-BT05 Bluetooth Temperature Logger

ExcelTemp Temperature Data Logger DS1921G

Microlite-II USB Temperature Logger LITE5032P-RH

MicroLite USB Temperature and Humidity Logger

PAKSENSE Ultra Contact Labels 6 Days

Single Use USB Temperature Logger

Small & Fast USB Data Logger

Graphtec Multi-Channel Measurement Logger

ThermoVault - Oven Profiling Temperature Recorder

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