Online Human Body Temperature Thermal Scanner

06 Mar 2020
Online Human Body Temperature Thermal Scanner
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Online Thermal Scanner For Human Body Temperature Monitoring
Full screen measurement, real-time highest temp auto tracking, multiple high temp target alarming.
Resolution: 384x228 (Thermal Camera),
Resolution: 1920x1080 (Visible Camera),
Temperature measurement accuracy: <± 0.3 íŠ

Warning! BECARE FULL!   
DON't buy *Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera or Low quality Camera for Human Body Temperature Monitoring.
Because you need; 
1. Measurement accuracy +0.6degC or better Thermal Imaging Camera. Industrial & low quality Camera accuracy is + 2~3DegC
2. Camera designed & calibrated for ''Human Skin'' emissivity.
3. With internal or External stable Calibration Blackbody temperature reference
4. Design for continuosly monitoring   

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