Humany Body Temperature Monitoring Thermal Imaging Camera

07 Feb 2020
Humany Body Temperature Monitoring Thermal Imaging Camera
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DM60-W Thermal Imajing Camera Human Body Temperature measurement

Main features
 Full network, 384*288 network thermal camera and 2.0M HD network visible
 Thermal camera use front end measurement technology. The temperature cover
the image of HD network visible camera, to avoid delay and guarantee real-time.
 Real-time dynamic thermal image, multiple targets measurement.
 Remote non-contact measurement, fast and safe.
 Smart measurement, in vivo and body surface auto amendment.
 Auto calibration, built-in reference black-body and high precision temperature
sensor. Comb-out temperature drifting, can work stable for years without
interference of environment.
 Fixed and movable cart optional on the scene
Item DM60-W
Detector type Uncooled FPA
Spectral range 8 - 14 μm
Resolution 384×288
NETD ≤60mk
FOV 24°×18°£¨Other FOV optional£©
Focal length Electric or fixed
Measurement range 0¡æ¡«60¡æ
stability ≤0.3¡æ
Accuracy ≤±0.3¡æ
Alarm delay 0.5s
Pseudo color 11
Measure calibration
Full auto measurement calibration with built-in
and external black-body.
Resolution 1920*1080
Sensor 2.0M 1/1.8'CMOS Starlight ultra-low
Function Support Wide dynamic, strong light suppression
FOV 24°×18° (optional on the scene)
Working Temp -20¡æ- +50¡æ
Storage Temp -40¡æ- +60¡æ
Input power DC 12V
Power consumption ≤15W
Network interface 1 with RJ45
Weight <5KG
Dimension 345×189×154mm£¨mainframe£©
4£®System function
1. Full screen measurement, real-time highest temp auto tracking, multiple high temp
target alarming.
2. With multi-screen display function, a set of software can be connected to multiple
hosts at the scene, preview, management at the same; main interface screen split
display can be clicked on any switch, can be divided into 1,4,9 screen display.
3. Kinds of pseudo colors
4. Smart measurement.
In vivo and body surface auto amendment, to reduce rate of false alarm and accord
with inspection & quarantine requirement.
5. Smart alarm function
 With configuring alarm group of temp alarm range and minimum alarm area, in
order to achieve multiple spots alarm and tracking to avoid leave out; In the
meantime, avoiding the disturbing of cigarette end, hot water and other hot
 With configuring a length of temp alarm and multiple alarm areas to avoid the
disturbing of light box and modulator tube.
 Temp alarm delay, temp spot and alarm sensitivity configurable.
 Could set up the alarm temperature value display size with colors.
 Over temperature alarm target with eye-catching red display with sound-light
alarm, voice alarm optional.
6. Image and video will auto recording when alarming, the infrared images or pictures
recorded by the system, for later query, analysis and records, tips when the video file
is full; Auto upload to information center, linkage alarm with center.
7. Radiance, distance, environment temp and humidity adjustable.
8. Remote information center can be connected to an on-site station via the TCP/IP
protocol to receive real-time infrared and visible video digital signals from various
on-site stations.
9. Basically FOV between thermal and visible camera. Accurately locate and
superimpose temperature analysis results on infrared and visible images.

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