What Is Temperature Calibration?

29 Jan 2020
What Is Temperature Calibration?
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What Is Temperature Calibration?
Temperature Calibration is performed using a temperature calibration standard that is traceable by National Metrology Laboratories & Standards Malaysia. The temperature sensor is immersed in temperature standard and then the calibration is performed. We are honour that Excel Test Sdn Bhd is the 1st & Only Private Accredited Lab with -80C Ultra-Low Temperature Silicon Oil Bath for temperature sensor calibration in Malaysia.

In the industrial practise, the temperature calibration is to make sure the temperature sensor is within the calibration tolerances. If a temperature sensor is found to be out of tolerance, it is typically and recommended to replaced a new temperature sensor or new unit.

You might be curious how we can get to know that the temperature sensor is ‘In-Tolerance’ or ‘Out-of-Tolerance’ after completed temperature calibration? So, there are 2 common ways to determine which are Unit Correction Value & Measurement Uncertainty based on calibration certificate results.

Diagram 1.0

First of all, we determine the ‘Tolerance’ based on Unit Correction Value. We look for the temperature accuracy from the unit specification and compare with the calibration results. Based on Diagram 1.0, Let’s say If the unit specification accuracy is +/- 0.5°C, the correction value read in calibration certificate is +/- 0.35°C. Thus, it is ‘In-Tolerance’ or fit to use. If correction value read in calibration certificate is +/- 0.65°C, it is consider as ‘Out-of-Tolerance’ or not fit to use.

Besides, the another way to determine the ‘Tolerance’ is based on Measurement Uncertainty. The measurement uncertainty is the combination of all or most of the possible sources of errors that the unit can receive or encouter. Thus, we use the measurement uncertainty as the basis for tolerance. Since the measurement uncertainty is usually very small and will result in a strict tolerance, the possibility of a failed result is higher.

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